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Mapeo is a offline-first mapping platform from Digital Democracy (see below). I joined Digital Democracy in September 2017 to lead user experience and interface design across Mapeo’s platform.

Building from Digital Democracy’s established relationships with indigenous partners in the Amazon, Mapeo helps communities worldwide monitor their territories and defend their rights. The first version of Mapeo makes it easy for communities to gather qualitative and quantitative mapping data while helping them stay organized and manage their own data sharing.

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Digital Democracy

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#EmbodyAbolition #BuildManyWorlds

Los Angeles, CA

Art Series | Collaborating Artist and Designer. Creating performative and visual artworks that investigate what embodying abolition looks like in practice. This art series is a collaboration between members of Color Coded and Stop LAPD Spying Coalition. The project is one of 15 recipients of the 2018 #SchoolsNotPrisons Do-It-Yourself Grant from the Sol Collective.


Color Coded

Los Angeles, CA

Collective Member, Designer, and Mentor. An active member of this POC tech collective. Developing public programs, incubating technology projects, and mentoring people of all ages and skill levels who are wanting to practice technology and design within a critical framework.



Product, Community, and Communications

Los Angeles, CA

Led the efforts to innovate and design new methods for community building, organizing, and awareness-raising; integrated mobile, web, and email technologies into a powerful yet simple platform for advocates, activists and community organizers alike. (CTZN was a division of GOOD Worldwide.)